t○ification card● from the recy◆clers. Card hol◆ders then can pu〓rchase new a〓ppliances with a 10 ■percent cut ■in prices when show●ing retaile◆rs the card.■Meanwhile, 〓sales of unpa〓

ore flavor●s, such as coffee■, chocola

tumn ■Festival on Oc○t.3, which overla●pped with the 〓holiday, according t●o the ministry.B◆EIJING, Sept.○ 21 (Xinhua) ●-- The Information ■Office of the ◆State Council, or ●China's cabinet, pu〓blished a wh◆ite paper on the○ development ●and progress

mpanies and■ obtain a cer

in Xi○njiang Mond○ay

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. Following is the● full text: Deve◆lopment and Progres■s in Xinjiang Inform●ation Office o●f the State Coun■cil of the People's● Republic of ●China Contents F〓oreword I.● Swift Economic Deve〓lopment II. Remarkab◆le Improvement in〓 People's Lives III.〓 Steady De〓velo

pment ■of Social Programs I○V. Preservat◆ion of Ethnic Cultu■res V. Upholding○ Ethnic Equ■ality and U◆nity VI. Prote○cting Citizens〓' Rights of F●reedom of ●Religious Beli●ef VII. Saf■eguarding Nati●onal Unity and So●cial Stability Conc●lusion Chinese c●omputer mak

e■rs are increa■singly going◆ rural to market the〓ir products to ●cash in on t〓he recent g◆overnment moves 〓

to subsidize appli◆ance purchas●es.According to a re◆cent survey ●conducted by IT ●newspaper P○opular Computer ○Week, Chines●e farmers d●esire to own comput■ers far outstrip○s the demand for app〓liances lik○e TV sets an■d digital camera●s.Nearly 30● percent of th◆e 4,160 farmers◆ surveyed fr●om six province●s express

ed thei〓r keenness to posse●ss a computer. O■ver 47 perce●nt of the res●pondents from Sha○ndong said they wo○uld prefer ■a computer t■hat would as■sist them in their■ farming a●ctivities.It is n◆ot just the farmers〓 who are tr■iggering the● rural demand.■ Notebook c〓omputers have■ recently eme●rged as the mos

○t sought aft■er appliance on p〓rospective bri●degroom's must-ha○ve appliance lis■ts in rural areas.O○f course, it○ is not su◆ch a big expense, on〓e would say. But○ to spend 5,◆000 to 6,000 yu◆an on an app●liance that doe●s not cook food o〓r wash laundry ◆is not a light dec◆ision for a r〓ural family living ?/p>

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